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As a Professional writer and business owner my daily schedule is set by time lines.  Once I've had breakfast and set my intention I usually sit down at my desk and discipline myself to write.  On most days my work flows but on occasional days I need inspiration.  But whether I am in my flow or not I am present, focused and writing.  There are a myriad of ways and examples you can turn professional overnight.  

My second holy grail of being a professional is living your passion. Because when you commit to an endeavor you really have to feel passionate otherwise you will not stay the course.

This leads me to:- taking your work seriously, which is not to be confused with taking yourself too seriously.  If you want to stay the course, are serious and are in it for the long term you need to look after yourself, your mind and body.  That means sometimes getting a massage, meditating and eating more healthy.  Whatever helps you perform optimally.  

From eating well, to dressing well, every professional knows that looking the part puts you in the right mindset.  Sometimes jeans and a t-shirt isn't dressing for success.  What does a NY times best selling author look like.  What does a NY times best selling author dress like.  Make sure your giving out the right signals to yourself and to your peer group.   

Make sure you have the tools of the trade.  The right computer, phone, even the right desk. Some tools are 'essentials', some are non-essential like books, or other gadgets but know they enhance your performance and get you ahead.

Talking of getting ahead, you can't be professional if you don't have a coach.  If you don't have one, your not going to get to the next level.  Your playing too small.

Along with a coach you want to be in the right professional organisations and associations.  The ones I've been a member of I have benefited through training, networking, and meeting incredible business owners.  That's priceless!

From joining professional clubs, organisations and associations you meet like-minded peers.  What Seth Godin calls your tribe.  Inspire and be inspired.  Learn, hang out with and collaborate with other professionals.

Become a social media PR wonder.  That means regularly post columns, tweet, and keep your content inline with your brand.

My last turning pro tip is to become an ambassador or a trustee. Some of these positions are paid - some aren't.  You get to give your expertise, and to give back.  In return they give you connections, kudos and experience.

If you would like more professionalism and polish in your life overnight!  I recommend you check out my course that will be available in April called 'Join the Professionals Club'.

With sunshine 

Sara Lois Wilson

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Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

I wrote an article early on in the year talking about Your Best Year yet. With me being your accountability buddy I am checking in with you for a Non Exec Directors pow wow as we are coming up to the end of the first quarter of the year.  Yep I am holding you accountable. I wanna see some rocking Results (note the use of capitals for importance) by the time we hit Xmas I want you looking, feeling and acting like a Champion.  

If you want to achieve your Trojan target we need to talk about Really powerful mindset changes to get some 'velocity' of action.  Lets start by simply saying what is your No. 1 goal.  For this article were going to use the example of doing a TED talk (and I recommend you focusing on no more than three goals at a time).  Next lets take a look at the action plan list.  A list of your tangible goals.  A really great example of getting started would be to apply and become a TED Fellow.  Another tangible action would be to watch a live TED talk.  

So are you on track?  Have you started cultivating relationships yet? Have you researched what the most successful speeches are?  Have you started upgrading your mindset? Have you added this to your vision board and worked on creative visualization towards this?  Have you been to Toastmasters to up-level your public speaking skills?  Have you started to raise your media profile? Have you decided what your message will be?

People who are up there on stage are no different to you or I.  We think they are the 'experts', or that they have the 'right connections and mentors', or they 'got lucky'.  The truth is they are 'the expert', they have the 'right connections' and plenty of good 'luck'.  But the epiphany is they 'practiced for 10,000 hours' to be the expert, they 'cultivated' the right connections and they 'created' their own luck because the saying goes 'the harder you work the luckier you get'.

Spend some quality 'me' time cultivating the mindset of what you want.  Upgrade yourself, don't wait to be asked.  I know your one of those people who knows where you are is different from where you want to be.  Turn up the dial.  Dive into a parallel universe.  Just imagine for a moment that absolutely everything is supporting you. That your phone or electrical gadgets were run off imaginary kryptonite or quarts crystals, just like the most superior watches. Picture the people who are waiting to come into your life to help you. Btw, have you lost count of the amount of times successful people say I am here to serve? - I know I have so find them.  Understand the people who are already in your life are there for a reason, including the people who drive us crazy and prompt our spiritual growth. Everyone we need to know, and everything we need to learn is at our fingertips, thanks to technology, high speed internet connections, phones and other means.

As we come to the end of our meeting for our first quarter, I want you to get 'more' creative, crank up your efforts and have a lot of fun. Most importantly make your year Fearless (note the capital F), Fantastic, Fulfilled, Fantabulous, Favourite, Feel Good and a year to Flourish like never before.  This is your year - go and claim your F-it year!

With sunshine,

Sara Lois Wilson x

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YOUR DREAM JOB IS WAITING for YOU! Posted on 13 Mar 17:14 , 0 comments

Greetings from Honeymoon H.Q.,

In case your wondering I'm honeymooning myself.  That is, when I'm not getting down and drafting out Mentoring International's next chapter.  I'm having a love affair with Bangkok, the food, the smiles, the charm and the spirit.

Now to get savvy and serious and down to business, I want to talk about the art of tenacity and finding your dream job.  I love TENACITY so much because you can't limit it, and as far as I know it is not taught in schools or colleges.  Tenacity means there are no limits to how far you can reach by being smart and savvy.  Really, this is SO true.  I have brilliant examples, again and again of sassy self made successes and I want to share those with you.  These people reached the top of their game by changing their game. That is YOU change the RULES.  

So here is my favorite unbeatable example of my favorite go-getter and how she nailed it.

My first favorite muse is Barbara Corcoran because her effervescent tenacity has defined Barbara's life. Her motto is whatever your adversity is, that is your greatest gift.  Just think about how awe-some that is for a miniute.  When Barbara was asked to audition for Shark Tank on TV, and did not get through the first round, this is what happened next. Barbara let Shark Tank know this...I understand you asked another girl to dance instead of me. Although I appreciate being reserved as a fallback I'm much more accustomed to coming in first. But I consider your rejection a lucky charm as everything good in my life happened on the heels of rejection. I think you should consider inviting both women to LA to compete for the seat. Barbara went for the audition and passed with flying colours. And the rest was history. 

Impressive don't you think? 

I would love to know if you have been rejected, only to turn your situation into success.  To make your adversity your lucky charm?

Remember have an f-it year, fantastic, fulfilled, fearless, fantabulous, favourite, feel good and a year to flourish like never before.

With sunshine from the SLW Head Quarters,

Sara Lois Wilson

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Be a Celebrity Interior Designer in 90 days Posted on 03 Mar 16:02 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

Hello and greetings from Mentoring International HQ who are temporary in Bangkok, Thailand!  

Bangkok is the second most visited cities in the world after London, and I am so inspired to be here and see all the beautiful interior inspiration that Bangkok offers.

This post is dedicated to the ladies and men who know they should be an Interior Designer.  To the ones who dread going to work because you know you should be in a different job.  You know you deserve to be in a job where you get paid to live your dream.  To be paid to be creative.  To help other people.  You know who you are.  You know you have it in you.  But there is some resistance holding you back. So now is the time to make this change.  

I'm going to give you a few pointers to get you started, TODAY!

So lets find out what your resistance is.  Is it you think you don't have the money. You don't have the skills.  Or you don't have the confidence.  The reality maybe that non of these are the problem - it may be internal resistance and you need to change your mindset.  And we can build on your confidence.

So you can start out small or jump in.  Whatever you do make sure you make a start.

Move forward.  Move towards your goals.  Even if you take baby steps every day. You are one step closer to your dream.

Dedicate a space in the house to your interior Design work, or if you have the room turn a spare bedroom into your studio.  Make this your official studio. 

Make this really inspiring place to work.  Put your desk by a window.  Collect some inspiring storage baskets, containers or put up some shelves for samples, catalogs, books and files.

Start finding your signature style and build a file of ideas and inspirations.  Collect samples, wood chips, finishes, fabric swatches, trimmings, surface samples etc.

Identify what, where and who inspires you.  Where is your favorite interior.  Is it a restaurant, a hotel, a shop, a bar, a cafe, a friends house, or somewhere more creative like a National Trust property or a castle.

Check our local, National and International Interior Designers.  I have been inspired by Kelly Wearstler and Kelly Hoppen.  Find who inspires YOU!

Spend a day in London, the Kings Road, Fulham Road and South Kensington, and an afternoon at Chelsea Harbour, be inspired, collect samples, approach companies about working with them.  

Sign up and register for trade shows like, Decorex, top drawer, 100% Design and Maison Objet in Paris.

Begin with the above and you will have PLENTY to get you started.  You have no excuse.  Start at least one of the above TODAY.

If you would like to work with me.  I offer a one hour POWER coaching session over the phone or skype to help you make the transition.  Even if you have trained you may still want to go through the step by step plan to setting up your business. I've been there. I can teach you how to create a LUCRATIVE business whether your full or part time.

I'd love to help you!  Send an email to the to schedule.

And I'd love to connect with you on twitter @AlchemistFemale

With sunshine 

Sara x







Advice from KRIS JENNA of the KARDASHIANS Posted on 23 Feb 15:18 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

I'm writing to you from the Mentoring International HQ, I want to talk about a very bold and daring #self made Female Alchemist - Kris Jenner.

You may have opinions of Kris Jenna the momager who runs the Kardashians Dynasty.  Personally I admire her because she is strong and a pioneer in business. She has managed to go places others can only dream of and broker deals other managers just simply have not been to. She has 'managed' to ask for consistent record breaking multi million dollar payouts that mere mortals would not dream of being audacious enough to ask for.  ASKING has been the key to Kris Jenner's success.  And Kris knows if you don't ask, you don't get!   

This is what I learnt from the momager, as she writes in her book, "If someone says NO your talking to the wrong person".  

Her point is:

AVOIDING gatekeepers.  

Talk ONLY to decision makers.

WHO you surround yourself with is important.

Don't WASTE time with naysayers.  

The first point of gatekeepers comes down to advanced NETWORKING skills. And that is something Kris has in abundance.  If you meet the right people they can elevate you to places you could have only dreamt of before. You need to get in front of the DECISION MAKERS. These are people who have the power to OPEN DOORS. These people offer exclusive insights.  They can generously say YES because they are in a place of abundance and are fortunate enough to be in a position of power and able to give. Once your through that gate though your on sacred ground.  The odds are now in your favor. 

The second point of talking to decision makers is equally important.  Because you will spend time in meetings and you will spend time pitching and selling your fabulous idea. As meetings come to a close it's common to hear the other person concluding by saying, "Thank you for this.  I have to take this to my boss and see what he/she says!".  Your brilliant pitch is at best now a watered down second hand account and you can guarantee that the proposal or idea is not going to come across with the same passion, information, knowledge and energy you gave to this. Time is precious.  We only have a finite time here on this earth.  Make a B line to the Decision Maker and hit them with it the first time around.

The third piece of advice from Kris is WHO you surround yourself with is important. Kris lives in a world where her besties are high flying film producers, actresses and business owners.  This wonder woman has on speed dial some big movers and shakers. Including her friend and now business partner Ryan Seacrest.  It is highly likely your friends are NOT going to turn you down.  At the very least they will give you a shot.  So make sure you genuinely mingle as you mingle genuinely with people just like you - the ones who were destined for greatness.

And lastly don't WASTE time with naysayers.  If you have a passion for your mission you wont want to WASTE time with NO people. Your not a quitter if you go back and remind someone, and it shows persistence if you don't accept no the second time.  But if your still around the same person after a third NO! it's time to get out there and make some new friends.  It's time to mingle with the movers and find some new networks.  It's time to upgrade your time.  Time you don't want to waste.  You want to make progress in the shortest possible time.  Move on and find your YES person.  There are plenty out there.  As a great sales person would remind you, it's a numbers game.

Your YES person is the one who is by your side from the outset. Who warmed to you from the moment they met you.  Who gave you a chance and a big break. Who saw something when you couldn't. The world is full of YES people.  It is our sacred mission in life to search out and find those people that we have these unique agreements with.  Because when you eventually find them, you will wonder why it took you so long to believe and find it was out there all along.

Never forget, your cheer leaders are out there, they have your back. They believe in you 100%.  It's their mission to help you, to guide you to make that quantum leap.  You already have mentors out there.  You already have your agent and book deal.  You already have that job - you just haven't found these yet.

And always remember when the students ready the teacher will appear.  

What are you waiting for?

With sunshine

Sara Lois Wilson

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Get ready for a Million Dollar Year 2016! Posted on 22 Feb 14:00 , 0 comments

Hi Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

If you're anything like me, you've got a big money goal for this year.  I've decided to stretch myself, and my money goals.  Lets get outside of that comfort zone with actions and the money will follow.  I've always believed that anyone can be #selfmade.  And have you noticed that people aren't talking about Millionaires any more, the new goal is Billionaire.  That's because it is easier than ever with determination and application to create wealth. 

Lots of women and men have big blocks and fears around money or they feel like they've hit an income limit. Maybe you think your biggest income month was a fluke or you're frustrated about raising your prices.   

I want to introduce my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. She's a mindset coach and the author of the awesome book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

She also has a special free resource - a 30 minute money audio class where she takes you through 7 common blocks (like bartering or undercharging) and helps you clear it right then with scripts of exactly what to say and do.

Get immediate access here (it's free):
She also has an amazing Money Bootcamp (which I highly recommend) - it's a MUST-DO resource for all female entrepreneurs who want to be successful.  I did this Bootcamp when I was setting out.  It's the one course that I have done and followed from the outset.  Denise has helped me grow and she is very transparent and real about how she grows her business.  And believe me there are a lot of people pretending do play business.  Denise is the real thing and you can do the course by clicking HERE!

If you know that this is your year to finally get over your money "stuff", you should check it out. Denise is the real deal.
Are you ready to move your mindset and your goals to reach those targets?

Here is to an abundant year!
With sunshine
Sara Lois Wilson x

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Create something BIGGER than you! Posted on 14 Feb 20:55 , 0 comments

Dear Friends, Family and Fortune Seekers,

Have you ever had a problem in life that seem to get the better of you.  Can I let you into a secret?

OK here it is... create something BIGGER than the problem.  It is a little like saying you can't fight fire with fire.  Let me explain further. When you feel pain or sadness over adversity, there is a gap, sometimes big and sometimes painful. And sometimes you wrestle with how do I get OVER this.  

Well this is the antidote.  The medicine is to create a legacy. YOUR legacy.  Something that is so BIG and so FANTASTIC that if you created it you could not help but laugh out loud.  It would be larger than life and so BOLD that you feel dizzy by just thinking about this.

So, to conclude if your feeling pain, some gap, some adversity.  Get your pen and paper out and write your LEGACY down.  Write the story and change the ending of your fairy tale.   

It does not matter where you came from or where you are right now. Just believe it's going to be DIFFERENT, from NOW ON...

Remember to grow every day and eventually you become LARGER than LIFE.

With sunshine

Sara Lois Wilson

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How to look FEAR in the eye and wink! Posted on 11 Feb 23:53 , 0 comments

Hi there friends, family and fortune seekers,

How do we deal with fear.  We all have different ways.  Here are the key ways successful people look FEAR in the eye and wink at it.

So we all have fear - that's part of the package of being a human being.  And we all deal with fear differently, so what is the difference between someone who does not let fear stop them in their tracks. And someone who feels PARALYZED by fear.  The difference is that successful people feel the fear.  They shake.  They sweat.  They get rashes.  Blotches.  Dry mouth.  Feel sick.  And are vunerable.  But what happens next.  This is key, because you see the next step is not to bolt and run.  To drop out.  Step down.  To create a brilliant, convenient EXCUSE.  Instead they chose to look fear in the face and wink.

I want you to know what I have learnt from some of the most fearless women on the planet.  Take Arianna Huffington for example.  For me she is undeniably fearless. Arianna is one of my mentors, even before she knew it.  And what was it that helped bust through fear to create one of the most popular websites on the planet.  Her inside secret to being fearless is here and I am happy to share her secret weapon, meditation HERE  

We have to play the game because we have to BE IN IT TO WIN IT. And if we DON'T make a start we will never know. If we don't play our cards we will forever be saying - what if?  

Instead we have to ask WHAT'S NEXT?

With sunshine

Sara Lois Wilson

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Hey I Won an Award !! Posted on 05 Feb 14:02 , 0 comments

Hey Winners!

I'm pleased to say I've been awarded by WSJ the accolade of WSJ Woman of Note! Women Of Note Includes CEO's, small business owners, philanthropists and creative visionaries.  I'd like to think of myself as a little mix of each of those titles.  I am thrilled the work I am doing has been recognised.  When I started this journey it wasn't about me, it was about serving YOU.  It is about being a voice for the people.  And ultimately it is about giving you keys to access success.    

I want to give you an incredible glimpse into the behind-the-scenes personal and professional secrets of elite visionaries so you can be inspired.

I would LOVE to know what awards you are winning, chasing and being short listed for...

With sunshine

Sara x

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Involved with Chris Barez-Brown on a new book Posted on 05 Feb 13:13 , 0 comments

Greetings gorgeous ones, I have exciting news - I starting 2016 with a bang!  I am working with Chris Barez-Brown and Psychologies magazine on a new book called Wake up!  Chris's energy is contagious, he uses fabulous metaphors and lives life large.  So I am delighted to be part of this movement and experiment.  Each week I will be experimenting and creating more happiness.

I am looking forward to diving deep into Waking up a little more each day.  To knowing more and more I have enough -I am enough.  A wake up call to feeling like something is missing, do I need more shoes, do I need another hand bag, do I need chocolate.  And then I pause and make that inside connection.  Well actually, NO.  And then I feel space, peace and enough.  Yes, I am enough. And yes, collectively we are enough. 

With sunshine from SLW HQ,

Sara Lois Wilson

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