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I launched my career as an Interior Designer after graduating from the respected Central Saint Martins. I fashioned a career as an Interior Designer over twenty five years.  I went from homeless to master home maker.  I'm a self-made millionaire.  I have numerous magazine columns, am a property developer, worked with T.V. networks and shows, been hired by the rich and famous, and secret millionaires.  I have lectured at Colleges, mentored and taught.     

Sara Wilson CEO


After over two decades of Interior Designing, writing, teaching, consulting and mentoring I am the co-founder of Mentoring International.  We have invited the most POWERFUL, RESPECTED and SUCCESSFUL women to share their formulas, principles and strategies with you.  We share on this website the RIGHTS OF PASSAGE to success.  We mentor through Mentoring International and The Female Alchemist program.  

We will endow you with CONFIDENCE to go and achieve EXCEPTIONAL results, regardless of your circumstances.  I am a BIG believer of #SELFMADE.

Through my work, I have come up close to rich, famous and successful individuals. I have observed their rituals, unique choices and secret principals.  I have been privileged to be mentored, work with and be advised by some of the smartest, wealthiest and compelling women in business.  These ladies run conglomerates, have MBE's, OBE's are M.D.'s and C.E.O's.  They grace magazines, T.V., books and the media.  Because as I worked alongside inspiring women in my life - I got luckier.  I was more serendipitous, confident, fun and sure of myself.

In a nutshell I achieved results quicker.  There were other benefits too, I traveled, my finances improved, I was invited to events, awards and ceremonies - I have a ball.  My life is really exciting.  That passion fuels me every single day.      

After living and working in the UK, in 2014, I moved to an Island in the Sunny South Pacific, with A.T. the love of my life.

I have been recognised by The Wall Street Journal as a WSJ Woman of Note.  I get invited to brainstorm with the UN and I am an ambassador for sustainability.  

I was fast tracked to success, and I am here to pass this good fortune on.  There is no going back, once you get a taste of how much fun this can be...

If you would like to be supported or want to know more email us at office@mentoringinternational.com  

With sunshine


Sara Lois Wilson

contact: office@mentoringinternational.com

and come and say hi on twitter @Alchemistfemale



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